Aluminium termal break profile
Reinforced double-wall panel with thermal breakage.
Ergonomically designed accessories, avoiding sharp edges.


SAHS – Web selection software certified and specially programmed for the selection of AHU configured according to the requirements of the hygienic certification program.



Technologically Evolved
Environmentally Responsible

As the first Iberian manufacturer to obtain EUROVENT certification of Hygienic Air Treatment Units, SANDOMETAL stands out in compliance with the demanding standards and regulations indispensable for the use of these equipments. Hygienic certification by EUROVENT is the first programme at European level with the ability to create standards and regulations that serve as the basis for the manufacture and marketing of this equipment. Following strict criteria, the certification guarantees the end user an equipment compatible with all the details and technical characteristics of the selection made from certified software. In addition to materials, components and production itself, all the necessary requirements for the applications in question are met, whether they are: Schools, Offices, Hotels and Hospitals.


Completely smooth interior walls, preventing the accumulation of impurities and providing quick and effective cleaning.
Maximum grade watertightness obtained in certified laboratory tests – Class L1.


Lowered condensate trays produced from Stainless Steel AISI 304 or 316 and with an appropriate inclination for the discharge pipe, the diameter of which is 40 mm or more.
Units subject to strict quality control, being buffered and protected
Bag filters arranged vertically, giving preference to rigid bags.
Filter rails with excellent behavior, allowing maximum classification efficiency (F9) and consistent with the new EN ISO 16890 classification.

Vertical machines or access ports are not allowed at the top of the unit.
The return air will have to be filtered as if it were new air.
The thickness of the coils afits will always be greater than 0.12 mm.
The contamination value of the new air may not exceed 5% from the thermal wheel.
Mandatory empty sections for inspection, maintenance and cleaning work.
Electrical and pneumatic connections designed for easy disassembly, also facilitating cleaning and maintenance.
Inks, glues and mastic derivatives in accordance with DIN 1946:2008.