The Spiro duct produced by Sandometal has a patented crimping in the tube that mechanically reinforces and stabilizes the helical seam, thereby maintaining the tolerances even during handling and transportation. All the circular ducts are provided with the trademark “SPIRO® System”.

The “SPIRO® System” system ensures the circular accessories are sealed by means of an EPDM rubber seal, resistant to aging, embedded in the plate and immune to variations in temperature. In compliance with the requirements of Class C, the range extends from 80 mm to 1250 mm in diameter and no other type of sealant is required.

Advantages of the “SPIRO® System” system:

Easy and fast installation;

The seal is fixed at the factory and there is no risk of leakage;

Environmentally friendly: the sealant is solvent-free;

It resists temperatures between -30ºC and + 100ºC;

Working pressures up to 3000 Pa.