URP HIGH (400-1000) m3/h 1(200-277)V;50/60Hz;500W H13 (H14 - optional) (520;735;1100)mm
URP LOW (200-600) m3/h 1(200-277)V;50/60Hz;170W H13 (H14 - optional) (440;440;1000)mm


40mm thick anodised aluminium profile frame.

Rock wool panels (or polyurethane as an alternative) with exterior and interior Aluzinc sheet metal.

Monoblock construction

Removable door for maintenance, cleaning and filter replacement.

Mobile unit with casters for easy transport and installation.

Pre-filter quick replacement pre-filter (no panel removal required).


Plug fan, integrated EC motor, providing high efficiency and optimum acoustic behaviour.

High resistance turbine made of composite material.

Electronic protection against overheating by active temperature management.

IP55 Protection, thermal class THCL155. Compliant with ErP 2015. Motor efficiency class higher than IE4.

Statically and dynamically balanced fan/motor according to ISO 1940 Part 1.

Speed regulation by potentiometer (flow regulation optional).


HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter H13 or H14 (optional).

MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) of 99.995% or 99.90%.

HEPA filter panel with galvanized frame.

Glass microfiber paper as filtering material.

Polyurethane sealing.

Prefilter G4 or M5 (optional) at admission.

Pressure switch with light indication on HEPA filter.


OP1 Flow Control
OP2 M5 Pre-filter on admission
OP3 HEPA H14 Filter - Efficiency  MPPS 9,995%