The oval pipe is manufactured from Spiro circular duct and has applications in ventilation and air conditioning systems in industrial, commercial and domestic buildings where there is little space for mounting the rectangular duct and circular.

The range of accessories (bends, changes, registers, etc.) is identical to the circular Spiro ducts and their interconnection takes place in the same way. For diameters up to 500mm it is possible to make connections with SPIRO®system system.

Learn about the benefits

1. Improved technical performance than rectangular ducts due to the fact that it has a rounded contour that reduces the air pressure loss and turbulence;
2. Less flat surfaces than equivalent rectangular duct, which allows to reduce the vibrations;
3. Suitable for installation in suspended ceilings where there are strong limitations of space;
4. Minor leakage rate, since it has fewer cross connections;

5. Easy assembly because it is lighter and has the possibility of using sections with three meters long;
6. lower surround plate area, which implies less square meters of insulation;
7. Standard sizes;
8. It has a great strength due to the helical fastener of the tube Spiro, which corresponds to four times the thickness of the plate used.